Central Office for Vocational Training in the Retail Trade (zbb)

associated with the German Retail Association


The Central Office for Vocational Training in the Retail Trade (zbb) coordinates and supports the promotion of VET and further vocational education in retail trade. The zbb works at national level and independently of suppliers as a partner of the training centers of retail trade, associations and retail enterprises. Associations, federations and training center of retail trade are members of the non-profit organization.

zbb has as its main aims to support the vocational education in retail trade and promote lifelong learning into and between the educational system and the labour market. zbb is developing eLearning programs, provides consulting service (didactical concepts, development of content, provision of systems, quality management etc.) and coordinates national education projects.

With broad experience and expertise in The Lifelong Learning Programme 2007–2013 and Erasmus + from 2014 zbb is a partner and coordinator of projects and partnership of different topics and target groups.

zbb provides an own learning platform with self-learning programs, knowledge tests, wiki etc. for students, adults, employers and employees for a wide range of retail subjects. The usage of our offers is mostly free of charge.


  • pilot projects: introduction of innovative technologies and concepts into the retail trade
  • development of eLearning, consulting service (didactical concepts, development of content, provision of systems, quality management etc.)
  • qualifying concepts and blended learning courses for educational staff to improve the digital competences  (e. G. project “Flexible learning in retail trade”)
  • technical and editorial administration of learning management systems, content management systems, databases, authoring tools etc.
  • provision of the zbb-learning management platform ILIAS myFlexnet.de
  • development of trade-related publications
  • acquisition of funding, applying, financing and managing of projects
  • information services for retail trade
  • concept, realisation and analysis of surveys
  • realisation of exams (especially exams of trade association)
  • organisation of meetings and conferences

zbb manages project in collaboration with…

  • …a network of educational intuitions for retail training in Germany
  • …the German Retail Association („Handelsverband Deutschland – HDE“)
  • …retail enterprises

zbb receives funding of…

  • …the Federal Ministry for Education and Research
  • …the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training
  • …the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
  • …the European Commission


Zentralstelle für Berufsbildung im Handel (zbb) e.V.
in Verbindung mit dem Handelsverband Deutschland – HDE

Verbändehaus, Am Weidendamm 1A
10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 30/590099-800
Fax: 030/590099-810
Web: www.zbb.de
Mail:  info@zbb.de

Bettina Wilhelm LL. M., association manager
Phone: +49 30/590099-801, Mail: BWilhelm@zbb.de 

Dr. Kerstin Baumgarten, project manager
Phone: +49 30/590099-802, Mail: KBaumgarten@zbb.de

Alexandra Kostina, project assistant
Phone: +49 30/590099-803, Mail: AKostina@zbb.de

Katarzyna Brunsch, project assistant
Phone: +49 30/590099-804, Mail: kbrunsch@zbb.de

Katarzyna von Trümbach (Office)
Phone: +4930/590099-800, Mail: info@zbb.de